Expat Anniversary: Looking Back at the Last 8 Years

I’m celebrating my 8th Expat Anniversary this month! I have a few different articles ideas but I wanted to start with a few of my favorite pictures from the last 8 years I’ve lived in Ireland and traveled. I can’t promise they’ll all be amazing quality, I’ve had some pretty meh cameras through the years, but then again who hasn’t? Some of them will be shared from my two Instagram accounts, Writemare and InSearchofMexican. I’ve had some wonderful adventures with my wonderful husband and met a lot of amazing friends. Thank you all for a great 8 years!


Honeymoon in Rome 2009







Bristol 2009



Scotland 2011







Boston 2013



Cologne 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016









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Ireland 2009-2016





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Malta 2016

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  • Paige Strand

    Your Scotland pics look epic! You must have a great camera.

  • Aisha Sylvester

    Eight years is a long time, looks like you’ve collected some great memories and photos along the way. Happy anniversary!

  • Jess Weller

    Looks like you’ve had an amazing 8 months!

  • Rosirma Corney

    what a journey. great pics. been to a lot of beautiful places.

  • What an amazing 8 years! I hope you guys have another 8 years of traveling!

    • Shannon Doyle

      Thank you!

  • Alex

    I honeymooned in Rome too (and Amalfi and Venice too) and we loved it! great pics and Happy Anniversary!

    • Shannon Doyle

      Thank you!

  • Anita Sane

    Congratulations! You have had great 8 years experience living in all those countries. Thanks for sharing!

    • Shannon Doyle

      I’ve only lived in Ireland, but doing so has allowed me to visit all these places.

  • Alexis Rae

    I love looking back on my trips like this! I’ve hit Rome before, but not much else on this list. Starting a big journey after the New Year. Hopefully mine can last 8 years too 🙂

  • Wow, 8 years! That’s a long time. I love looking back like the way you did. I do it annually in January. It gives a sense of satisfaction somewhere. Isn’t it? 🙂

  • Ivy

    Aw 8 years is a huge milestone, congrats!! Which adventure is your favourite to date?I still gotta make it out to Malta one day!

    • Shannon Doyle

      Malta is easily my favorite, we’re already talking about going back again next year.

  • Mandy Young Carter

    Such a fun recap of all the years! We are just starting the journey of being location independent, so this is awesome to see!